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Who is Belle Delphine dating?

With 3.3 million followers on Instagram, Belle Delphine—real name Mary-Belle Kirschner—has grown in popularity after first becoming famous on YouTube.

The South African model, 23, who had been banned from YouTube in 2020 for breaking its rules, has now made a comeback. At the time, she tweeted in response to YouTube’s decision: “Hey @TeamYouTube, why did you delete my YouTube account for “sexual material” without giving me a warning or any strikes while you allow and support music like “W.A.P”? Looks a little sus.”

Since then, she has teamed with Canadian content developer Twomad for an NSFW OnlyFans movie and sold her bath water for $30 each container (which generated viral headlines and dialogues).

Rumours were rife when singer Oliver Tree posted a now-viral TikTok clip captioned: “what finding love on the internet looks like”.

And while the video of the pair locking lips (or rather, tongues) appears to be in the name of fun and not to be taken literally, some fans were baffled:

The cosplay influencer apparently had a three-year romance, according to a June 2022 article from The Sun.

She admitted that she had a lover but withheld his identify on a 2020 episode of the Happy Hour podcast with JaackMaate and Stevie White. Joshua Gray is the name some fans are speculating it is, although there is no proof to back up their assertions.

Naturally, some of her fans were not pleased to learn of her relationship status, with one accusing her of “single-fishing,” writing: “Belle Delphine was in a relationship with her boyfriend the entire time she was Belle Delphine online but didn’t tell anyone about said boyfriend until years later because she was afraid of losing subs on OnlyFans.”

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